Tips on how to differentiate between vanity basin types

Tips on how to differentiate between vanity basin types


Why wash your hands on a sink when you could also pick out your make-up from the drawer underneath and glam up your face before stepping out? There are many ways in which a vanity could serve you, but amidst all the glamour associated with bathroom wall vanity units, let's not forget that the basins are the main components.

 If you are planning to buy one, you should know the different styles before stepping out to make a purchase. Here are some of the most sought after vanity basin types:

Above-the-counter basin

As the name implies, this type of basin sits on top of the vanity structure. It is a simple but classy style, and one of the main advantages is that it is the easiest to install. If you are working on a budget, this vanity basin type will save you a lot of money because the plumbing is not so difficult to do. Due to the high structure, this vanity type could prove advantageous to tall persons.

Self-rimming basin

This type of basin is designed to fit inside an already cut-out part of the vanity top. It is also easy to install and stylish to an extent; the edges protrude from the surface of the vanity. Since a large part of it is inside and not sitting on top of the vanity surface, this basin type is easier to clean and also puts less weight on the bathroom vanity. If you have kids, the self-rimming basin is the most appropriate for your home, since they will be able to reach the sink easily and practice proper hygiene.

Under-the-counter basin

This basin type has a design that is the direct opposite of the over-the-counter model. It is designed like the self-rimming basin, but there is no part of it showing outside the vanity surface. It goes inside the pre-cut part of the vanity, and the tip of the basin bowl can be seen a few inches down the vanity top; this is to avoid water spillage while you are using the basin.

When compared to the first two, it takes a little more effort to install this type of vanity basin, but it has its advantages, one of which is that it is the safest for you and your kids to use.

Semi-recessed basin

This type of vanity is one of the most difficult to install, but also the most stylish. It is designed in such a way that parts of the front and top of the basin can be seen projecting out of the vanity structure, which gives it a unique, overhanging appearance. This type is not suitable for little kids since they can easily hit their head on the overhanging part.

Final thoughts

You can see that your choice of vanity basin depends on the kind of family you have and not just aesthetics. So, your choice should align with the needs of your home.