All things wonderful that make my life, my tiny human’s life, or my families life, in general, a little bit easier and a little bit sweeter. 

Mommy Must Haves

  • Thred Up Thred up is a high-end resale site. This is how I afford to shop for the brands I love *ahem my Fossil bag* Click here to get $10 off your order!

  • Stitch Fix – If you have a little more to spend you could try a service like this one! They send you clothes according to your style and fit. They will even search your Pinterest looks to find you the right picks!

  • Start a blog! This outlet was a lifesaver to start and now I’m working to turn it into a vital business. And with this, there’s practically no learning curve. So just get started!


Tiny Human Must Haves

  • The baby throne – Libby loves (and I love that she loves)  THIS Chair.
  • Baby Stella – We love baby Stella. She’s soft and snuggly but has held up really well. Her hair isn’t stringy or tangled. She has been the perfect baby for my baby. Watching her learn to be a mama is a huge highlight in my life.

  • Kids Kindle Fire– Call me crazy but when it’s just not the time to pick that fight so we use our technology to our advantage.

Family Must Haves

  • A local church and small group. We attend Harvest SI here in our town if you’re local I’d encourage you to come check it out. If you’re not local I’d love to help you search and find a healthy local church in your area.


  • One of the Must Haves that we discovered this year was a Meal Plan. When we slack off and don’t plan out our meals we tend to eat out way too much. See Here why we love it.
  • Netflix … One of the many ways we live on one income is by cutting back when we can. Ditching the cable or satellite is a super easy way to save a ton.

  • Amazon Prime – When Netflix got rid of Daniel Tiger I finally discovered how awesome Amazon Prime is. The 2-day shipping was always nice but I can wait a day or two to save money. But I just can’t spend $40 bucks for a season of Sesame Street when my toddler is obsessed with Elmo. There are 4 seasons on amazon video you can stream for FREE!