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A 6-week meal plan for your busy family of four! It plans for four meals a week where you’ll likely have some leftovers. We rarely eat at home every night so shopping and prepping for four main meals has been a perfect balance.

This print out includes:

(The Basic Kit)

  • 6 weeks of meals
  • 6 weeks of grocery lists
  • 6 weeks of pantry checklists
  • A Pantry list (what you should have on hand to make weeknights a breeze)
  • A goal sheet to go over what you should aim for starting this meal planning method.

(The Enhancements)

  • Weekly Prep Tips
  • ‘In our house’ suggestions for even easier use
  • DIY Taco seasoning and Cream of Anything recipes
  • A Directions sheet for extra guidance and ideas

The quick and basic recipe cards for each week.

All the meals are super basic. Think simple. You likely could put all of these together without any thought but in case you need some help I walk you through the basic recipe for each meal!

Hope it helps you and your family!

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