You are what make this business work. I’m just the behind the scenes gal. Your participation on any level keeps me going and helps other mamas be able to discover us and our community! Here’s how you can keep us afloat to we can continue to pour into wonderful women. 

 Click through to discover what each level entails! My favorite is SNAIL MAIL SURPRISE! I’m super pumped about it!

Board of Directors
Unlock $3 Level

Threat Level Swag
Unlock $5 Level

Threat Level Swag 2.0
Unlock $10 Level

Snail Mail Surprise
Unlock $20 Level

Create Your Own
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Create Your Own 2.0
Unlock $75 Level

All Access Pass
Unlock $100 Level

ALSO, you should know, you can sign up and then QUIT any number of months later. You could contribute once, claim your prize for that month, and then stop contributing! (Claim the snail mail! I wanna shop for you so badly!) I won’t be hurt or offended in any way; I’ll be so grateful for all that you did for me! 

If you can’t, won’t, don’t want to help out via our patreon (which I TOTALLY understand)…

then here are some more ways you can help without spending a single dime! 

Pinterest is my number one source of traffic! It’s an amazing tool! Once a pin takes off it’s out there forever! It just keeps growing!

How can you help?
​Follow me!
THIS board!
And then Pin it again!
went viral!

Facebook is my second largest traffic bringer, but I think that’s just because I love it. I seriously don’t get twitter. I tweet.. but reluctantly.

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Like and Share EVERYTHING!
Did you know just a few ‘likes’ multiplies a posts views by nearly 3 or 4?!

Twitter …
I just don’t get it. I tweet things and I try to keep up but there’s just too many things on one screen to look at! But it still helps!

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Follow me!
Like and retweet EVERYTHING!
If you love twitter you should help retweet, because the twitterverse is a mystery to me!

Instagram, this one I like and have fun with! Beautiful photos and quotes capturing some really great moments in time. Who can’t get on board!?

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This is my favorite place to share cute kiddo photos, fun quotes, and yummy food pics of course!