My Story

In 2015 I had a baby and found that, though the days were challenging, the work I was doing just wasn’t very stimulating. I follow several amazing women on social media that have helped me in many ways during this new leg of life. Whether through helpful hints on how to handle this new tiny human or articles that simply said, ‘you rock mama.’ They put a lot of hard work into their pages and I thought, ‘I’d love to do what they do,’ but really I’d just love something to focus on other than changing diapers and reading about breastfeeding (which was a lot in the first few months). It was then I set out to challenge myself to create something that a stay at home mom could be proud of, and that thing was this blog; my teeny tiny corner of the internet full of confusing coding and all things foreign to my ‘non-techy’ brain. It’s been an interesting adventure so far and I’m excited about this new leg of the journey.

Payton Foeller

I graduated high school in 2012. Married in 2013. graduated with my bachelor’s in 2014. Baby number one… You guessed it, 2015. 2016.. a whole lot of waiting. So really the question is, now what? Follow me as I blog through my ‘now what’ and hopefully, give you your daily dose of encouragement.