Young moms having honest conversations, seeking hope, and helping each other.

Young moms having honest conversations, seeking hope, and helping each other.

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Your reality check: 

I love being home most days with my baby girl and I’m so glad I get to spend my days with her. Come see how we make it work. *TOP POST* 
I’m no super mom. And neither is that mom that you’re sitting there stewing over. She may even be jealous of you! Who knows.
This one is about that pesky Bachelor Tv show. What are you saying when you sit down in front of the Television to watch that garbage? I’ll tell you. 

You got this:

I know not everyone has the opportunity or the desire to start a family young but if you do and you can Here’s whats great about it. 
A Guest post from MY HUSBAND! He outlines the biggest mistakes that men can fall into in their marriage if they’re not careful!

I am blessed. You are blessed. There are so many many reasons for both. Come see why. *TOP POST*

Come get the Free Proverbs 31 Printables to place around your home! Add a little beauty while working on your scripture memorizing skills!

Can I help you: 

My wish list for my toddler! We love these dreamy toddler picks. Come see what has sprung my toddler into pretend play madness!
What new mamas won’t but they just don’t want to ask for. I promise you can’t go wrong with these top 7 gifts for new moms. 
Motherhood is HARD. Homemaking is HARD. Here’s some fun books to get you through those long days! Which ones have you read!? *TOP POST*
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​ A Hopeful Happenstance…

Top Podcasts for Awesome Women

In this season of a tiny human running me ragged I have Loved podcasts! It’s not screen time but it takes away from the craziness of seeing very few adults during the day time.

And theses are the best encouraging, educating, and relaxing podcasts out there for you!

Come see which ones I’m getting into today and add some new ideas to your list!

[they’re awesome for when you have been putting off chores for days…]

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